A closer look at energy efficiency investment opportunities for institutional investors – talks with potential financiers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

A closer Look at energy efficiency investment opportunities for institutional investors  Talks with potential financiers in germany, austria and switzerland In order to attain the energy transition which is a basic condition for climate protection, a scaling up of energy efficiency (EE) activities is necessary. However, EE projects are frequently confronted with financial barriers. The… Read More


REFINE Market Survey Shows the Potential of Refinancing Schemes in the European EES Market

  tHE POTENTIAL OF REFINANCING SCHEMES IN THE eUROPEAN EES MARKET sUMMARY OF REFINE MARKET SURVEY October 20th 2022 In the course of identifying and developing pilot applications for refinancing of EES, financial institutions expressed their interest to learn more about the market potential related to the acquisition of receivables from ongoing and/or future EES… Read More


How can we accelerate deep renovation and decarbonisation of building portfolios?

  How can we accelerate deep renovation and decarbonisation of building portfolios? July 20th 2022 Decarbonisation in the building stock requires a significant acceleration of investments: More and better renovation projects have to be implemented, including investments in the building envelope to improve energy performance as well as investments in a decarbonised heating system. In… Read More


REFINE Expert Workshop: eceee Summer Study 2022

Deep Renovation of Building Portfolios – Implementation Models for Acceleration WHEN: THURSDAY, JUNE 9TH 2022, 14:00 TO 15:30 CET WHERE: HYBRID WORKSHOP  (SIDE EVENT AT THE ECEEE 2022 SUMMER STUDY IN HYÈRES, FRANCE) BOTH IN-PERSON & ONLINE PARTICIPATION POSSIBLE REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  The REFINE project is delighted to invite you to attend its… Read More

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REFINE Consortium Meeting: May 2022

fourth REFINE consortium meeting: may 2022 The fourth REFINE project consortium meeting took place in a hybrid format in the Greek capital of Athens from the 12th – 13th May. Hosted by our partners there, CRES (The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving), the meeting was attended by all members of the consortium where… Read More