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16 Mar: REFINE Toolbox to Enhance Refinancing of EES Projects

REFINE Toolbox to enhance refinancing of EES projects To mainstream refinancing schemes in Europe standardization is of high importance. Therefore, the REFINE project has developed tools that support stakeholders in applying refinancing schemes. The first tool is a detailed description of standardization of contract modules for refinanceable EES projects. In providing standardized contractual stipulations, we… Read More

19 Jan: Creating a Sustainable Refinancing Market in Spain & Beyond

Creating a sustainable refinancing market in spain & beyond Within the financial sector, there is often an understanding that operations such as refinancing are related to difficult financial situations such as large debts or payment problems. However, REFINE partner Creara is implementing their expertise in energy efficiency financing to change this. Creara, the Spanish leader… Read More

16 Nov: Benefits of the BEEF Model: Latvia

BENEFITS OF THE BEEF MODEL: Latvia Without a robust financial market, Europe will not (1) effectively reach its ambitious climate goals and (2) attract financial investment in energy efficiency projects including building renovations. By participating in REFINE, The Funding for Future (F3) team aim to create a financially viable environment in Europe that facilitates building… Read More

16 Nov: Sale of receivables from EPC projects in the Czech Republic: a successful example of refinancing EES

Sale of receivables from EPC projects in the Czech Republic is a successful example of refinancing EES The goal of REFINE project is to contribute to the supply of sufficient and attractive financing sources to energy efficiency investments. The project is developing refinancing schemes enabling energy efficiency service (EES) providers to clean up their balance… Read More

07 Oct: Untapped Business Opportunities in Green Finance

Untapped Business Opportunities in Green Finance Within the field, there is a consensus among experts that large potentials of cost-efficient energy efficiency (EE) investment are currently untapped and steadily expanding due to technological innovation. However, limited access to financial resources – although not the only barrier – represents a serious restriction for the implementation of… Read More