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Location: Madrid, Spain

Website: CREARA

Creara offers specialized engineering and consulting services in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Smart Cities & Grids. Since its foundation in Spain in 2005, Creara has become a national and international household name in the provision of high-value-added services in sustainable energy.

Through the different departments, Creara enables final consumers to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills. Additionally, their consulting department has a long tradition in supporting public institutions in regulatory and policy matters related to renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

REFINE Project Role

Creara is responsible for supporting refinancing instruments and structures to increase the number of energy efficiency projects on the Spanish market​ (jointly with Bankia).

Creara will contribute with its works as an energy efficiency service provider and expert in financing projects and designing and developing new business models in the energy market​. In addition, Creara brings the experience from from the previous H2020 project QualitEE.