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Location: Rome, Italy

Website: Federesco

Federesco is the national trade organisation representing and promoting the energy efficiency industry in Italy. It includes around 70 ESCos and EES providers.

As a non-profit association, it was formed to promote a culture of energy efficiency, energy-saving and best practices for achieving the aims set by the Kyoto Protocol and the European Energy Policy among public and private economic operators and citizens. Federesco champions the spread of distributed energy generation plants integrating RES, cogenerative and trigenerative configurations and helps to foster discussion and transition towards energy communities’ new scenarios and the adoption of Energy Performance Contract (EPC) schemes.

Additionally, they assist in the capacity building of associates and the transformation of EES into ESCos. They promote the internationalisation of action, the visibility and the image of its members and the general Italian EES sector.

REFINE Project Role

Federesco plays a large role in the project particularly in contributing their ESCO’s perspective to its implementation, impact generation, evaluation activities and developed concepts and tools.

Their role in more detail includes:

  • Market Analysis with expertise on bank regulations and qualitative expert interviews
  • Contribution to the refinancing instrument concept and tools and services development, focusing on national adjustment of contract stipulations and guarantee instruments
  • Organising and supporting stakeholder workshops
  • Supporting Pilot Applications by providing access to various EES and pilot opportunities that will test the project’s refinancing schemes, rating systems and facilitation services
  • Capacity building
  • Support dissemination, communication and networking activities