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REFINE partners in Spain, Creara participated in the Rehabiliving Forum which was held in Seville, Spain. The purpose of the event was to discuss the energy refurbishment of buildings in the Andalusia region. The event brought together more than 80 leading companies in the sector and over 1800 visitors.

On behalf of the REFINE project, Pedro L. Espejo and Adrián Cañamares Cordente from Creara presented their research paper on “the opportunities of financing to boost energy rehabilitation” where they were able to share the opportunities that refinancing can offer in this field and the relevant findings obtained in the scope of the REFINE project.

We spoke to Pedro about their presentation at this important event and what it means for increasing the level of energy-efficient buildings in Europe.


Can you tell us about what topics were discussed at the event?

The REHABILIVING event brought together more than 80 leading companies in the sector to discuss the energy refurbishment of buildings in the Andalusia region and it addressed numerous topics, including: renovation of existing buildings, eco-design, Industry 4.0, digitalisation, electric vehicles and self-consumption, as well as the managment of the NEXT Generation EU Funds.


How did the event link to the REFINE Project, and to your organisation?

One of the core objectives of the REFINE project is amplifying the use of refinancing schemes in EES business practice. Through our participation in the table, we had the possibility to raise awareness of different refinancing schemes among key players, as it is not yet a widespread practice for energy efficiency projects in Spain.

For Creara, it is always an honour and a pleasure to be able to participate and contribute with our expertise in these events.

What aspect of REFINE did you present?

As the event was focused on building refurbishment and the specific table in which we participated focused on financing options to carry out these type of projects so the connection with REFINE was quite clear. A presentation was given on the refinancing options that had been identified in Europe for building refurbishment and the advantages that refinancing can offer for the energy services market.


What insights did you get from attending this event, or other organisations presenting at this event?

The sector is constantly evolving and growing. Not only has refinancing emerged as an alternative scheme for financing energy efficiency projects, but also other schemes, such as crowdfunding, renting or even on-bill schemes. These aspects augur an evolution: it is no longer the what that is important, but also the how.


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