A closer look at energy efficiency investment opportunities for institutional investors – talks with potential financiers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

A closer Look at energy efficiency investment opportunities for institutional investors  Talks with potential financiers in germany, austria and switzerland In order to attain the energy transition which is a basic condition for climate protection, a scaling up of energy efficiency (EE) activities is necessary. However, EE projects are frequently confronted with financial barriers. The… Read More


REFINE Market Survey Shows the Potential of Refinancing Schemes in the European EES Market

  tHE POTENTIAL OF REFINANCING SCHEMES IN THE eUROPEAN EES MARKET sUMMARY OF REFINE MARKET SURVEY October 20th 2022 In the course of identifying and developing pilot applications for refinancing of EES, financial institutions expressed their interest to learn more about the market potential related to the acquisition of receivables from ongoing and/or future EES… Read More