Refinancing of Energy Efficiency Services (e7)

‘An underrated business opportunity related to green finance’ – There exists a general consensus among experts that large potentials of cost-efficient energy efficiency (EE) investment are currently untapped. Furthermore, these potentials are steadily expanding due to technological innovation. This succinct analysis outlines the basic challenges in financing energy efficiency investments and introduces the ‘refinancing’ concept as a solution that offers a business opportunity for Financial Institutions which are searching for promising green finance investment. Read More >>>

Article – Sale of Receivables in Czech Republic

The sale of receivables is the most common method of financing Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projects in the Czech Republic, which makes it different from other EU countries. This method has been used to fund most public sector EPC projects completed since 2005, although it has been used only rarely in the private sector. This article provides an overview of the refinancing scheme for energy efficiency services projects using its practical function in the Czech market as a key example. Read More >>>

Case Studies on Existing Refinancing Instruments for Energy Efficiency Services

This in-depth report outlines a thorough analysis of best practices in refinancing instruments for energy efficiency service (EES) in four REFINE project partner countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Latvia. The case studies are a showcase for different refinancing instrument concepts which are suitable for other EU countries as well. A structured description of each case study provides uniformity and comparability of the refinancing schemes. Read More >>>

Refinancing Market Assessment Report

This report analyses the status of the national refinancing service markets in nine Austria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Latvia and Ukraine. Legal and organisational framework conditions for admissibility of refinancing instruments for EES in each country have been researched through different methods (literature review, analysis of case studies and stakeholder interviews). The report shows large differences across Europe: Whereas in some countries refinancing schemes have become a standard for the EES business, in other countries, they are not applied at all. Read More >>>

Market Growth Models for Energy Efficiency Financing

Limited access to financial resources represents a serious restriction for the market growth of EE markets. Energy efficiency service (EES) providers often must include financing into their service packages while respecting their own credit limits. For financial institutions (FIs), EE investments are cumbersome and cash flow is generated from cost savings instead of sales on the market. This paper uses  European-wide market assessment and case study analysis to explain how refinancing models contribute to the growth of EE financing. Read More >>>