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REFINE Pilot Applications

The REFINE Project will conduct a number of pilot applications over its lifetime. The identification and implementation of pilot applications of the developed REFINE instruments and tools in real-life energy efficiency services projects is a core objective of the REFINE Project.

Up to 42 pilot applications are foreseen over the lifetime of REFINE. Ensuring a wide range of projects in which to test and evaluate the tools and instruments developed by REFINE.

Access to pilot applications is provided through energy efficiency service providers as well as through financial institutions involved in the various partner countries.

The REFINE Project has already received a number of expressions from EES providers willing to test the developed tools and services, with a number of pilot applications still to be identified in each country.

For each partner country and each project, the most suitable refinancing instrument concepts and tools will be selected for pilot applications.

Stay tuned for more information on REFINE Pilot Applications as they are implemented