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Pilot Details
Pilot Name Development of Business models for EES offers
Client Type EES Provider
Country Austria
Solution Type Refinancing instrument

The pilot provider is a company which is in the process of entering the EES market.


e7 provided expertise to a consultant engaged by the company to develop a business model for EES offers – EPC versus ESC – as well as to compare different financing approaches: refinancing through forfaiting; special purpose vehicle (SPV); green financing mechanism based on loan financing.

In addition to a number of bilateral coordination calls, e7 has revised and commented several times an internal document presenting a comparison of business models and financing schemes.

For capital-intensive EES the financing mechanism is an important element to enable market growth. If access to conventional loans is limited – even if the underlying investment qualifies for a green loan – refinancing through forfaiting becomes a very attractive approach for EES providers operating at a European-wide level, because it can be largely standardized.

For more information, please contact: (name of partner organisation responsible for this pilot)