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Immagine x Sito Refine News WS 1 8 nov 21 bis

Energy Services Refinancing: a business opportunity to support the sustainable energy transition

The Italian workshop dedicated to REFINE was held online and the participation and debate that developed during the 2 hours was fruitful and interesting.
It was possible to bring together representatives of energy service providers, ESCOs, commercial banks, investment funds, public financial institutions, and supporting entities (facilitators). In addition, the following points were discussed in depth:
– Needs assessment, for a better understanding of perspectives and priorities;
– Methodologies and solutions for the effective and efficient application of refinancing instruments in the EE services market;
– Evaluation of the suitability and applicability of refinancing concepts and tools developed in the REFINE project.
Many participants had already participated in the remote interviews either by video or by completing the questionnaires remotely.

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